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So, I've figured out my plot for my Megaflare, and I was wondering how many of us were planning on writing post-Final Fantasy 8 fics. For those of us who are, how many have really given thought to the state of the world that the game leaves us in?

For the record, I'm really nervous being the first one aside from a mod to post here.  I feel like I'm doing something naughty. :X  Hopefully, this is what the mods intended for us to discuss and chat about here!  If not, forgive me, please. ^^;

Trabia Garden has been completely decimated, and we have no idea how many of the students and faculty actually survived. There's never any word on whether the headmaster survived or if they were killed in the missile attack.

Galbadia Garden has lost its headmaster, been used in an aerial battle against Balamb, and as such, is in only marginally better condition than Trabia. The best part it has going for it is the simple fact that it's in one piece. I mean, the place even had Cerberus rampaging in there. There's got to be a lot of damage.

Balamb Garden is floating, flying about and generally acting as the car for its new headmaster. What propels it? Does it cost a lot of money to keep it flying? Do they put it back on the Balamb continent? If they don't, what does that mean for Balamb (town)? Most of that town's traffic revolved around SeeDs coming and going. Without them as a means of income, does Balamb fall apart?

Does Esthar reveal itself to the rest of the world? They did to Squall and the party, but does that automatically mean that they drop their shield device and invite everyone in? Sharing their technology might be a good thing, but at the same time, there's bound to be problems as they try to "catch up" the rest of the world. Does that turn them into the new Galbadia, forcing their ways and devices onto the rest of the world as a means of "enlightening?"

And speaking of Galbadia as a nation, are they completely crippled? They lost numerous army units, first in their assault on Dollet, and then again with the assault on Balamb Garden. They've lost their president and their replacement, as I don't believe that Edea would be heading back to help them recover. Or would she? Could she somehow feel that it was her responsibility, even though she wasn't in control of her actions?

Finally, time for my own opinions about the characters themselves. I am an opinionated person, and I am well aware that not everyone will agree with me. This is good! We want to fost discussion and thought, not just blind agreement here.

Disclaimer: I'm not trying to pitch my opinions to you or sway you away from any of your own decisions. Rather, this is meant to spark other opinions, meant to serve as thinking material for your own stories. In the same hand, I find that it helps me to really commit to an idea (or reject it all together) once I write it out, and I wanted to try to offer a place where those of us who think that way to pitch and discuss various aspects of post-game scenarios.

Squall was sort of thrust into the headmaster situation. Now, I can see him staying there, as I don't believe Cid would return willingly to it. I am of the firm conviction that he did it as his duty to Edea, because she knew it was the right thing to do. He all but jumped at the first chance to hand it off, and to a new SeeD at that. I think though, that given some time, Squall will grow into the position. He doesn't like it, but he is good at leading (is that only because he's the main character, and thus required to be?), and now that the entire world has been turned upside down, his cool self-confidence might be exactly what the Garden needs to find its new niche.

Rinoa tends to give me trouble whenever I write post-game fics. Kind of sad, but true. I mean, she led the rebel faction in Timber, so would she go back there? She's not a SeeD, and being a SeeD is about a lot more than just being able to fight. Otherwise, there wouldn't be so many written tests. Theoretically, I suppose if she busted her bottom and studied, she could make SeeD before her 18th birthday, but I think that would be pressing it pretty hard, depending on when her birthday is. And since you have to pass your SeeD exam before your 18th...

I see her as being more of a political advisor than a SeeD member anyway. I can see her offering to serve as liaison between the newly liberated Timber and Galbadia, or even between Balamb Garden and the rest of the world. I mean, how much does everyone know anyway? They certainly don't know the truth about Edea and Ultimecia, and I'm certain that Balamb Garden stepped on more than just a few toes in their single-minded pursuit of Ultimecia.

I firmly believe that Selphie heads back to Trabia the moment Squall gives her the go-ahead. Trabia was her home, her Garden, and she would want to help with the restoration. Perhaps even in acting as a mediator between the (new?) headmaster and the rest of the students, given what they've been through. She's a bit young now, but I think in a few years, she'd make a fine headmaster (headmistress?) herself, particularly if she got to see first hand what administrative duties covered.

As for Quistis, I have a bit of an unusual opinion on her. I think that, armed with Xu and a good board of advisors, she'd make a good headmistress for Galbadia Garden. I know that she turns in her instructor's license at the beginning of the game, but I feel that after the entire adventure was over, she would be more mature, more confident in front of the classroom. I can't imagine it being much scarier than knowing that the fate of, well, everything is in your hands, and she's survived that. Galbadia needs a more level head running it, someone dedicated to the mission, and you don't get much more cooler than Quistis.

Zell is another tricky one for me, strange as that may be since he is one of my main characters for my megaflare. I think that he's a bit too energetic to really teach, especially given his age. Perhaps in a few years, he'll mellow out a little, and then he'll be that really awesome martial artist who is fully aware of just how cool he is. Until then, I see him picking back up being a SeeD, as though the whole Ultimecia thing was just another mission. Back to business!

Now, Irvine... I feel badly for Irvine, honestly. He's Galbadian at heart, given that it was where he was raised, but since he basically defected to Balamb Garden after he was assigned to snipe for them? I think that he would have a hard time back in Galbadia, and even in Trabia the moment anyone discovered that he had fought for Balamb over his own Garden. Gardens appear to have pretty fervent loyalty from their cadets, and since Irvine is a full SeeD, he must have gone back to Galbadia after his test in Balamb, right? (Or did I miss something? Can Galbadia Garden give SeeD exams?) So, I tend to keep him in Balamb, as I think he would have the least amount of trouble there. Might make for an interesting fic though, him going back to Galbadia and having to reintegrate into that society...

What about you? Don't feel like you have to spoil your piece or anything, just some general ideas to throw around and discuss. I love hearing about other post-game works, and I'm very interested in what's going through everyone's heads. ^^

Note: I wasn't sure about how to tag this, so I left those blank and thought I'd let the mods wrangle that one!  Thank you so much.
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