Jul. 19th, 2010

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So, I've figured out my plot for my Megaflare, and I was wondering how many of us were planning on writing post-Final Fantasy 8 fics. For those of us who are, how many have really given thought to the state of the world that the game leaves us in?

For the record, I'm really nervous being the first one aside from a mod to post here.  I feel like I'm doing something naughty. :X  Hopefully, this is what the mods intended for us to discuss and chat about here!  If not, forgive me, please. ^^;

Thought-Provoking Questions )

Finally, time for my own opinions about the characters themselves. I am an opinionated person, and I am well aware that not everyone will agree with me. This is good! We want to fost discussion and thought, not just blind agreement here.

My Rambly Personal Opinions )

What about you? Don't feel like you have to spoil your piece or anything, just some general ideas to throw around and discuss. I love hearing about other post-game works, and I'm very interested in what's going through everyone's heads. ^^

Note: I wasn't sure about how to tag this, so I left those blank and thought I'd let the mods wrangle that one!  Thank you so much.


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