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Item the first: Now that I have something almost resembling an outline, I'm starting to wonder if I won't be shooting part of my premise in the foot re: the living status of minor characters.

So. I'm basing the conflict in my story in part due to Burmecia's status after the end of the game. Where Lindblum and Alexandria are shown to progress to/make full recoveries, our only shot of a post-crisis Burmecia is the one shown in the ending between Freya and Fratley, and there has been no change: Burmecia looks just as battered as it did on Disc 1, minus the bodies littering the streets. I'm figuring that Burmecia was a relatively poor country before the war and would only be worse afterward. Related to this, and finally getting to my point:

What the heck happened to the King of Burmecia? Can it be assumed that he died when Brahne summoned Odin? Or is it likely he survived, like Oracle Kildea and (optionally) Quina?

Item the second: Something which has always confounded me is just what to do with Garnet/Dagger's name. Should I always refer to her as "Garnet," unless she is being spoken to as someone who would address her as "Dagger?" Is there an established convention for how to deal with characters who have aliases?
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